Nahuatl English Your Guess
-ca with, by means of, with the help of
-co, -c in, on
-huān with, in the company of
-huīc toward, against
-īcampa behind
-icpac on top of
-ihtic, -ehtic inside of
-īxco on the surface of
-īxpan in front of
-nāhuac near
-nepantlah in the middle of
-pa toward, away from (motion)
-pan on, in, at
-pal with the help of, by (someone's) grace
-pampa because of, on behalf of, through the favor of
attached to, in contiguity with
-tepotzco behind
-(ti)-tlan near, among
-tlān below, next to
-tzālan among, between
-tloc close to, near
-tzīntlan beneath