Nahuatl English Your Guess
ahci to grab s.o., s.t.
ahhua to scold s.o.
āltiā to bathe s.o.
cāhu(a) to leave s.t., s.o. behind
caqu(i) to head s.t., s.o.
chīhu(a) to make s.t., to do s.t.
chiy(a) to await s.o.
cōhu(a) to buy s.t.
cuā to eat s.t.
cuep(a) to turn s.t., to return s.t.
ēhu(a) to raise s.t., to get s.o. up
huītequ(i) to beat, whip s.o., s.t.
ī to drink s.t.
(i)hcuiloā to write s.t.
ihtōtiā to get s.o. to dance, to dance with s.o.
(i)lcāhu(a) to forget s.t., s.o.
(i)nāmiqu(i) to remember s.t., s.o.
(i)lpiā to tie s.t., s.o. up
(i)tta to see s.t., s.o.
īxmat(i) to know, recognize s.o.
maca to give s.t. to s.o.
mat(i) to know s.t. (a fact)
namaca to sell s.t.
nāmiqu(i) to find s.t., to meet s.o.
nequ(i) to want s.t., to desire s.o.
nōtz(a) to call s.o., to speak to s.o.
piy(a) to have s.t., to take care of s.t.
quetz(a) to stand s.t., s.o. up, to stand s.t. on end
tēca to spead s.t. out
tequ(i) to cut s.t., s.o.
tlāliā to set, put s.t. down